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Lawn Care:

Lawn care services will have a seasonal approach. Organic and synthetic mixes will provide your lawn with nutrients it needs to thrive in the various seasons. Mowing, watering and fertilization are critical to the performance and quality of a lawn. Without all three working together, a lawn will not reach its maximum potential. Proper mowing is an extremely important part of maintaining a healthy turf. Lawn Care Programs will include: (may vary depending on condition of lawn, turf variety and specific recommendations made) Fertilizer combinations of fast release and slow release along with natural and synthetic organic nitrogen sources that will provide your lawn with a steady growth rate and consistent color throughout the growing season.
Inspections for lawn damaging insects will be made on each visit. Identity of the insect causing the problem and determining the appropriate treatment. Insecticide applications for surface damaging insects will be made on a curative basis only. Preventative grub control programs are available.
The best defense against weeds is a healthy, dense turfgrass, which is the objective behind a fertilization program. Pre-emergent herbicides can control a number of weeds that can grow in your lawn. Post emergent herbicides may also be applied on an as needed basis.
Inspection for disease activity will be made on each visit.  The best defense against disease is providing good cultural practices that promote a healthy, vigorously growing turf.  Treatment options and cultural practice recommendations will vary depending on disease type.

Lawn programs available include:

  1. All season fertilization ( 5 visits per year) Provides for year round fertilizations of turf areas with a combination of soluble and time released nitrogen sources, plus control of surface damaging insects such as chinch bugs. Also provides for weed control with pre and post emergent herbicides (excludes dallisgrass in St Augustine lawns)
  2. Disease control Program provides applications specific to existing problems on an as needed basis throughout the growing season. Also provides 2 fall applications specific for brown patch control.
  3. Grub Control Program provides one spring preventative application and spot treatments thereafter as needed
  4. Moisture Manager Applications
  • Hydrotain - (Ecosential)
  • Dakota Peat Topdressing

Double or Even Triple the Days Between Required Waterings......................

...and enjoy the benefits of proper moisture management!

Minimize Drought Stress
Control or Elimate Dry Spots
Enhance Nutrient Efficiency
Optimize Pesticide Efficiency
Improve Seed Germination
Increase Transplant Survival
Reduce Watering Expenses

 Root Zone Moisture Manager
A unique solution for proper soil & plant moisture management. (Not a wetting agent, surfactant superabsorbent polymer or plant food ingredient.)

is a revolutionary new chemistry designed to reduce the watering requirements of plants and turf. Its patented blend of liquid humectant and hygroscopic compounds attract free water molecules from the air within the soil matrix and efficiently transfers them into the roots of plants. This simple mechanism results in healthy, vigorous, drought resistant turf, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants and agriculture.

A totally unique concept in soil moisture management...
is a liquid blend of organic hygroscopic and humectant components. In combination these materials create a sub-surface film which absorbs and stores moisture on plant roots and soil particle surfaces. Econsential acts like tiny water magnets, making available to plant roots microscopic moisture that would otherwise be lost to evaporation.


What is DAKOTA Peat?  (view printable flyer , full brochure or watch the video )

DAKOTA Peat, in cooperation with several universities and soil testing laboratories nationwide, has developed a highly concentrated organic material called DAKOTA PEAT.

DAKOTA Peat is formed principally from partially decomposed reeds, sedges, marsh grasses and other associated plants. These plants have a unique cellular structure that resists further decomposition. Cells with exceptionally high plant feeding ability are essential for successful development of the plant's root system and the right balance of air and water. This makes it an ideal soil conditioner and growing medium.

DAKOTA Peat is the finest quality peat from selected deposits, carefully processed to maintain its excellent, agronomic horticultural attributes. It is naturally dried by summer sun and winds, then gently packaged by vibrating machines to preserve its unique cellular structure.

DAKOTA Peat has high organic contents, is odorless and free of harmful substances.

Key Benefits 

  • Neutral pH from 6.5 to 7 which is ideal for most plants
  • Less fertilizer needed -- High nutrient holding capacity
  • Up to 60% less irrigation -- Retains water well
  • Better germination and growing -- Highly Concentrated organics
  • Uniform mixing -- better distribution of mix factors
  • Rewets easily without wetting agents
  • Reduces need for other soil amendments
  • Less trash (sticks and roots)
  • Lasts longer in the soil-- Resistant to decomposition
  • Top-dressing sticks to ground -- Doesn't float away
  • Not muddy -- No tracking on greens
  • Reduces risk of layering in greens and tees soil base

How Does It Work? (view printable flyer, full brochure or watch the video)


"DAKOTA Peat is completely processed for excellent mixing, reducing or eliminating the need for special shredding or mixing equipment."

You'll require less DAKOTA Peat but ... You'll get greater results

DAKOTA Peat's uniform mixing makes more effective use of it's plant feeding ability and water holding capacity which reduces fertilization and irrigation.

Golf course construction and top dressing MIX RATIO:
10% DAKOTA Peat
90% SAND



  • Maintain your turf with less water. Simply spread DAKOTA Peat on your turf or turf problems
  • DAKOTA Peat acts as a natural insulation against evaporation, reducing heat stress and field loss.
  • It will not float away or be picked up by mowers -- Like conventional products.
  • The life expectancy of DAKOTA Peat is many times longer than conventional peat or mulches.

The all season fertilization program is our basic program.  Disease, grub preventative applications and moisture manager applications are optional add-on services based on your lawns specific needs.